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Resultado de imagen de amsterdam bicicletas
Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, is incredible the number of bikes that are, there are enormous places to save your bike, in this city the bikes have more importance that the patrons, because there are more bikes that persons. there are 811,185 habitants and 881,000 bikes.

One of the many curiosities that Amsterdam has is that it got its name from the Amstel river, The Amstel is a river in the Netherlands which runs through the city of Amsterdam. The river's name is derived from Aeme-stelle, old Dutch for "water-area", namely, an area abounding with water, this city has 382 canals and 1281 bridges, The rivers have 3metres of deph, one metre of deph is the water, other metre are the bikes and the other metre is the mud.

Another curiosity that this city has is that in the 365 days of the year, in 300 days rains.
And did you know that if you die in Amsterdam and if you don't have family who assist to your funeral, a poet will write a poet to read it in your funeral?      

Resultado de imagen de diario de ana frankIn Amsterdam there are lots of places to visit, for example, the famous museums are, the Rijksmuseum, the Heineken experience,  the museum of van Gogh and the house of Ana Frank, this is my favourite museum, but it's so famous that there is so long queues that when i went to buy a ticket from the tourism Officine, they told me that I couldn't entry there that there was a long queue and i could entry 3 days passed. So buy the tickets before! if you go to this web site, you'll can reserve your tickets.

Resultado de imagen de amsterdam campos de tulipanes
Near Amsterdam we have other places to visit, one of them is Volledam, that is 22km of distance, another city that you can visit is Edam, who is famous of their cheeses, to 30km of Amsterdam, but you cannot forget to visit the camps of tulips the ones that are in the picture, you must visit the port of rotterdam, is the largest port of the world.

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